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Seven summer dresses in white dresses


By wearing a white wedding gown and wearing a white dress in the summer and summer, the two men took their hands and marched into the temple of marriage on the bright red carpet and held this grand wedding. They face each other and look at each other. When the priest came, the priest said to You: Will you marry the Seven Summers? According to the answer, even if there is no room in the summer and there is no car "I", the priest said to Qixia: Are you willing to act as your legal spouse? Seven Summers said: I will use my life to love Youyi, protect her, will not let her hurt. I saw Qixia on one knee and sneaked a small box out of my pocket with a diamond ring. Qi Xia sincerely responded by saying: marry me! The diamond ring was put on the ground in accordance with the handle, and they kissed each other, then took each other's hands and left the beautiful and sacred temple with a float. Since then, the two have lived a happy life.