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What to Wear in the Winter Bride


Since it is winter, then wear long-sleeved white wedding dress, wear the best wedding dress, the wedding is only a small meeting, so you can stick to the end of the wedding, and then put on a thicker toast clothing, so that it will not look beautiful The bride. Will also highlight that he is very thin, the woman is careful. 2, wear winter wedding clothes. There is a kind of clothing that is specifically worn in winter. The collar and sleeves are the kind with hairs. They don't wear cold, but the wedding dress looks thick, and of course there are good-looking ones. You can choose one of your favorite wedding dresses. In winter, it is also the most beautiful bride. 3, wearing a wedding dress inside, wearing a shawl outside. If the wedding dress in the phase is a summer wedding dress, and you don't want to change a wedding dress, then you can buy a wool shawl, preferably white, and the wedding dress complement each other, so that the wedding dress is beautiful, and you won't be particularly cold. The chills affect the image. 4, wear Chinese wedding bridal wear. If you like Chinese weddings, you must wear Chinese clothes. The ancient clothing is booming. It's very beautiful. You can wear Chinese-style bridal wear directly. It's not cold in the cold winter, because the clothes are complicated and relatively complicated. It is more serious.

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