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White wedding dress with pure beauty


Pure wedding dress Let the bride compose the white love song. It takes about 4 months to design a wedding dress, and it is best to be delivered to your hands 2 months before the wedding. This will facilitate the modification of the subtleties. Fish-tailed type (elegant mature feeling of temperament) In the thin and narrow design concept, a broad skirt that is like a Mermaid's tail protrudes below the knee, and it can highlight the overall feeling in a spacious venue.
    White wedding writing bride's white love song, white wedding dress is always the bride's favorite, wearing a white wedding bride like a princess-like beauty, elegant white gauze, elegant mood, the bride is surrounded by happiness tightly. Regardless of the texture of the wedding dress, it should be carefully cleaned after careful washing. For yarn weddings, the concept of "layer" is very important. Simple Tube Top Design This white wedding dress is a simple tube top design that perfectly complements the bride's figure. The wedding dress is dotted with sparkling little sequins arranged in an irregular shape. Let the bride be as elegant as an angel and put all her hair into a white wedding dress to give a classical beauty. Sometimes there is a gap in the box to keep the air flowing. Unlike some fragile fabrics that will distort over time, cotton fibers breathe--even if they are sealed--and still retain their original color and style for years to come. The size should be appropriate If your wedding dress is not customized, when choosing a wedding dress, first of all pay attention to the size of your body's fullest part, such as: chest, waist or buttocks, and then see if other parts are appropriate.
    However, this premise is that you must have a healthy, dark complexion with a healthy complexion. When you are looking for a staff member to choose a wedding dress, you must bring a staff member. It can be your mother or a friend. She should know you well and know what is best for you. There are two small problems that must be mentioned: First, we must wash our hands before we collect wedding dresses. Do not stick with cosmetics. Otherwise, there will be small yellow spots on the wedding dress. There are also big skirts inside the wedding dress. Twist and collect, but when you dry your clothes every year, you need to restore the skirt to avoid losing its elasticity.


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