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Fall in love with you and fall in love with the wedding dress

My dear, Today I put on a wedding dress! We smiled at the camera tacitly, You took my hand and walked into the ocean of love that belongs to us. We have always faced love, but behind the enchanting flowers, Swearing on our incredible love, let's make our wedding vows.
Our gorgeous love testimonies and beautiful wedding photos of you and me, each time we casually look back, we left a permanent imprint in the photographer's lens, we have an unconscious smile, keep the happiest in the camera Beautiful, a gorgeous turn, beautiful stops at this moment, a beautiful wedding dress flying under the light of the wedding dress, under the wedding is your happy smile.
Let wedding photographs commemorate our love for each other, happiness, happiness, fifty years after the golden wedding, I hope we can embrace the flowers that belong to our happiness in the sea of ​​flowers just like today. . .
This is a romantic season
The bride and groom have a sweet and sweet dream of love
This is an intoxicating moment
The bridegroom, the bride begins a happy spring of love
For this season
Flowers are more beautiful
For this moment
Starry night
Because of your arrival
Loneliness and loneliness leave quietly
Because of your arrival
Enriching joy suddenly arrives
I hope you will cherish each other and stay together forever.
With deep alums to read innocent, plateau, youthful days
With a light footsteps to the beautiful grass garden
Fight the troubles on the road of life with the heroic spirit of the waves
With a deep love to warm their parents a sunset-like leap year
Share your love with you, altogether rain and wind, grow old
I wish you all youthful, beautiful, beautiful life, no regrets

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