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How do brides choose veil and hairstyle

Partial style with lace veil
Big lace veil
Small lace lace
Lace veil style elegant and solemn, especially thin and transparent veil can add a different kind of style for the bride. Whether it is a partial hair style or a natural wave, matching a lace veil can add the finishing touch to the bride's hairstyle. This sense of randomness and elegance can well add points to the bride's style.
Spiral hair bun with concealed veil
The spiral-shaped plate is very traditional and can be used with a veil that also has a traditional feel. Because the shading veil is like a hijab in an ancient Chinese wedding, the bride's face can be concealed looming, creating a mystical beauty that still holds a half-hidden face, giving the bride classic elegance.
Elastic mesh veil
Short hair with a hollow veil
For short-haired brides, in order to make their hairstyle more attractive, you can try with a hollow veil. Because the veil of this hollow design can make the bride look fashionable and sexy, if she wears a large flower headdress on the hollow veil, it is easier to attract people's attention and make the bride the focus of the wedding.
Fluffy dish hair with crown
The crown can satisfy the princess dream in each girl's heart. If you can wear a crown in your wedding, it must be the Queen's aura. For the crown, it is best to match it with fluffy hair, because the exquisite crown can show elegance and extravagance only when it is fluffy. At the same time, the bride can choose a simple long tail veil, so that the princess's aura can be displayed incisively and vividly.


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