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Malin Akerman got her real wedding dress from 27 Dresses

Malin Akerman may have played a Bridezilla in 27 Dresses, but she suffered a real-life bridal emergency that the film was able to resolve in her hour of need.

  Akerman joined Couch Surfing on PeopleTV and revealed that her real-life wedding dress came from 27 Dresses when she was in a pinch. “I got married while we were shooting this,” she explains. “Interestingly enough, I was having my wedding dress made. It was shipped from LA. I got it, didn’t fit, and I was two days out from my wedding. Luckily, I was on this movie, and they sent me into New York to get a dress. I literally just picked one that fit. And then off I went to my wedding.”

  The actress also revealed that she was tempted to wear a dress we see on screen — the redesigned gown that belonged to her character’s mother — but the film would not allow it. “But I got a good one,” she reassures viewers.Read more at:SheinDressAU blue bridesmaid dresses | SheinDressAU red bridesmaid dresses

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