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Connie Junior Runway Show in Paris

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Hosting a runway show in Paris always means a lot to Connie Junior. Connie Junior, a kids-wear fashion brand that aims to spread love and care to the children of China, introduced its new season kid's wardrobe at Salle Wagram in Paris on February 27, 2018.

Founder Connie and chief designer Ye Xin aim to bring nostalgia and the romantic mood of ancient China to the fashion lovers in Paris. In the fall/winter season of 2018, we could see the designer's reflection of nature, human-beings and the ultimate dream of harmony. The whole runway show was divided into three parts and followed basic Chinese philosophical logic: the heaven, the earth and the human.

The designer believes that harmony is timeless and has incredible power in ensuring happiness. Connie Junior always wishes children a happy life.

The Salle Wagram has been a famous place for celebrities since the 17th century. It has been listed as an official historical monument by the French Ministry of Culture. Connie Junior chose this place to represent its brand value of romance. The gallant-style decoration of the building highlights the cultural conflict between China and the West by transmitting a strong visual impact.

Connie Junior invited Italian designer Federico Tetti, who works for high-end fashion brands like Zuhair Murad, Givenchy, Cartier, and Off-white. For the 2018 Connie Junior collection, he used Chinese antiques vessels, vintage-painted cabinets and identical round-tables to resonate with the black-red-toned main visual of the runway show and the golden chandeliers in the historical building of Salle Wagram.

All the attendees were impressed by the brightness and delightful catwalks performed by our little models.

After the successful launch in Paris, Connie Junior has the blueprint to gather more creative designers and to build global platforms for young designers to exchange their thoughts. This summer, Connie Junior wants to extend its potential and plans to hold an art exhibition of fashion designs in Los Angeles, once again introducing creative, fresh and bright Chinese kids-wear designs to the world.Read more at:SheinDressAU


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Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder – literally!

The Atlas of Beauty; Author: Mihaela Noroc; Publisher: Particular Books; Pages: 351; Price: Rs 1,499

There is an old saying that you should “never judge a book by its cover” and the illustrated book of portraits, painstakingly put together by author Mihaela Noroc, proves this loud and clear.

“The Atlas of Beauty” is a stunning collection of stories and portraits of 500 women from more than 50 countries.

To celebrate women from around the world, Noroc took advantage of her ability to adapt to different environments quickly (growing up, her parents moved often). The images taken are a fruit of her backpacking days, mingling with the locals in villages, cities and cultures.

The women in the portraits hail from different backgrounds and are of different age groups — ranging from a teenager starting life in college to a woman celebrating her 100th birthday.

Some of the stories are motivating, as Noroc was lucky to capture ladies who were braving conservative cultures and judgmental eyes to be who they wanted to be — in her camera lens.

There is a Bulgarian woman with well-defined facial features, sans make-up. She’s rather attractive and could easily pass of as a model, but Noroc reveals she plays for the national ice hockey team.

“Although the sport is expensive and not very popular in her country, she made great sacrifices to follow her dream of playing. She succeeded at the tough sport, and did it without losing her innocent and beautiful smile,” Noroc notes.

Or take Giulia, simple and beautiful, with a few piercings which seem to underline her rebellious nature. But Noroc states Giulia “has felt androgynous — male and female — since she was a child and so, she got her chest tattooed in Greek”.

The story of an old woman in Antigua, Guatemala, reminds you that everyone, even those leading quiet and anonymous lives, want to be remembered. She asked Noroc to send her the images she clicked — she wanted to put them up on her wall so that people would not forget her after she passed away.

There are many inspiring stories here that could prove to be life-changing for some and also give courage to the shackled, who think there is no way out. While an attractive young Brazilian woman is transgender, an Iranian woman featured in the pictorial book went against the religious authorities and embarked on long bicycle tours.

Noroc has also shared instances where some of her subjects needed the permission of their husbands to get themselves photographed — others did not want to be clicked as they thought they were not beautiful enough.

It boasts of images of women who pole dance to gain self-confidence, ladies who carry bundles of brooms on their heads, the adventurous women who ride horses and motorcycles, to the women who have to follow certain norms like the hijab and gloves covering their hands.

“The Atlas of Beauty” is a great gift for all ages, a manifesto for love, beauty and acceptance. The only drawback is the lack of information on several portraits, even as they evoke curiosity.

Nevertheless, what it does is demystify the concept of beauty, encompassing women irrespective of age, colour, race, culture, looks, size, ability and sexual orientation.Read more at:black bridesmaid dresses | bridesmaid dresses sydney


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Destination Wedding Success: Collaborating with a Wedding Planner

Destination Wedding Success: Collaborating with a Wedding Planner

The “dare to be different” trend led by Millennials is driving the growth of destination weddings. According to research from industry experts, one in four couples today have a destination wedding, which amounts to more than 350,000 each year – that’s good news for travel agents looking to build their business in this market. What’s even better news is that collaboration can be the best method for capturing these clients.

A recent seminar entitled, “Collaboration: The Road to Success,” hosted at Travel MarketPlace West in Vancouver, educated travel advisors on the profitability potential within this market, especially when a romance travel agent joins forces with a destination wedding planner. The advantages are not only meaningful, they are profitable.

Here are some facts and tips about the destination wedding market, as well as helpful advice from seminar moderators Monica Caesar, owner and destination wedding planner from Aisle Plan Your Day; and her partner, Camille Jocsak, travel agency owner of Planned 2 Perfection.

Numbers are lucrative.

Sixty percent of destination couples are paying for the wedding themselves and the average budget for the wedding alone is $28,000 – that doesn’t include the guests. What’s more, today’s destination wedding couples have dual salaries and are a bit older than traditional brides and grooms, giving them more discretionary income. And don’t forget that the wedding location is not necessarily the honeymoon spot. More often than not, these couples want to move onto another destination after their time celebrating with family has come to an end.

Stress-free travel is fundamental.

When dealing with families, narrow your focus to locations that are easy to get to. Consider children, adults with mobility issues, and the distance from the airport to the hotel. But, don’t rule out Europe, as spots like Italy and France are joining sun and sand destinations that once monopolized the destination wedding hot list. Remember: these clients don’t want a cookie cutter experience, they want a personal one. Most of all they want to be reassured that you have all the stressful parts covered.

Where to begin?

When partnering with a destination wedding planner, let them qualify the client on their vision first. Once the location is finalized, always check availability before securing a booking date. Then don’t be afraid to collaborate. “So many travel agents miss out because they think they are giving a portion of their business away to a wedding planner,” said Jocsak. “It doesn’t take away your business. You are now getting into a sector that you don’t know and this is actually going to build your business and your client base.”

For example, some destinations have residency requirements (such as you must reside in France for 30 days prior to being legally wed there), so this is where an educated wedding planner can make all the difference. “One-stop shopping is a huge convenience for these couples. When you collaborate with a planner and you have great systems in place, they know you are an expert,” said Caesar.

Use your resources.

Participate in wedding familiarization trips, not just fam trips. According to Caesar and Jocsak, these are 100 percent specific to the destination weddings market and will open your eyes to what can and cannot be done. Instead of a generic hotel tour, destination wedding fams will typically provide views of up to 7 different wedding setups and give specifics on the allowance of extras like beach barbecues and fireworks. Also, most resorts have their own romance department – make them your first point of contact.

And pay attention to webinars on destination weddings, especially if you want to focus on a particular destination or area of expertise. Last but not least, work with on-site tour operators as a point of contact. They are usually happy to help with details and they have a lot of knowledge to share.

High rebooking rate.

Hosting a successful destination wedding can pay off in spades, as engaged couples are often guests, and thus, potential new clients. “I can tell you that out of every destination wedding that I have done, before the week is out, I’ve booked four more,” said Jocsak, who often accompanies her wedding groups so she can do something memorable with them, like take them off property to a local hot spot. A great destination wedding can leave an impressionable mark.

Know your worth.

If this is your first time planning a destination wedding, be sure to read up on the rules for groups versus weddings. Deposits are often different, as are the perks that are available to wedding parties. Most importantly, travel agents are entitled to different commissions with destination weddings, so know the benefits and have a solid contract in place to back it all up.Read more at:bridesmaid dresses online