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Connie Junior Runway Show in Paris

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Hosting a runway show in Paris always means a lot to Connie Junior. Connie Junior, a kids-wear fashion brand that aims to spread love and care to the children of China, introduced its new season kid's wardrobe at Salle Wagram in Paris on February 27, 2018.

Founder Connie and chief designer Ye Xin aim to bring nostalgia and the romantic mood of ancient China to the fashion lovers in Paris. In the fall/winter season of 2018, we could see the designer's reflection of nature, human-beings and the ultimate dream of harmony. The whole runway show was divided into three parts and followed basic Chinese philosophical logic: the heaven, the earth and the human.

The designer believes that harmony is timeless and has incredible power in ensuring happiness. Connie Junior always wishes children a happy life.

The Salle Wagram has been a famous place for celebrities since the 17th century. It has been listed as an official historical monument by the French Ministry of Culture. Connie Junior chose this place to represent its brand value of romance. The gallant-style decoration of the building highlights the cultural conflict between China and the West by transmitting a strong visual impact.

Connie Junior invited Italian designer Federico Tetti, who works for high-end fashion brands like Zuhair Murad, Givenchy, Cartier, and Off-white. For the 2018 Connie Junior collection, he used Chinese antiques vessels, vintage-painted cabinets and identical round-tables to resonate with the black-red-toned main visual of the runway show and the golden chandeliers in the historical building of Salle Wagram.

All the attendees were impressed by the brightness and delightful catwalks performed by our little models.

After the successful launch in Paris, Connie Junior has the blueprint to gather more creative designers and to build global platforms for young designers to exchange their thoughts. This summer, Connie Junior wants to extend its potential and plans to hold an art exhibition of fashion designs in Los Angeles, once again introducing creative, fresh and bright Chinese kids-wear designs to the world.Read more at:SheinDressAU


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