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Real Brides Share Their Biggest Big Day Beauty Regrets

“While I still really love my big day beauty look, I feel like it was a bit subtle—like how I do my makeup for a big night out. I was so worried about not looking too dramatic or over-the-top, that I told the artist to focus on a natural look and downplay my makeup. Now, I actually feel that I should have done a little bit more. It’s not a regret really, but something I maybe would have done a little differently, or at least played around with a bit more.”

“I hate to say it, but I hated my hair. The clip-in extensions were a totally different color than my own hair! I didn’t want to be a bridezilla, so I didn’t focus on it. My stylist told me we didn’t need to dye the extensions to match, but we really did. I think she was being lazy. In some my photos, you can see the two-tones and it’s so annoying. (I don’t share those!)”

“I don’t have any beauty regrets from my big day, but I almost did. My husband had mentioned how he loves my hair down, so I was dead set on keeping it down for the wedding. At the last minute, I came across a photo of a bride who had her hair in a simple high bun and I loved it. I knew it was risky to change my mind so last minute, but I went with my gut and I am so glad I did. I loved my look.”

“Looking back, I didn’t really love my makeup. I used a girl that everyone else I know had used, and I feel like their results were just better than mine. I had my makeup done before for other people’s weddings as a bridesmaid or for other special events, and think it turned out way better.”

"I regret not having two different hair looks for ceremony and reception. I loved having my hair down for the ceremony, but I wish that I did an updo style for the reception since I was soooo hot. I got married in July, so twirling around on the dance floor in two weaves wasn't fun!"

"I hired a hairdresser who I did not know very well and, although my hair looked nice, I would have liked it to look a little better. Make sure you have many trials and really, really trust your hairdresser. Now is not the time to go with someone new!"Read more at:wedding dresses melbourne | wedding dresses online

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