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Iggy Azalea & French Montana Getting Married?


Way to spill the beans, little bro! French Montana’s brother, Zack Kharbouch, hinted to paps that French and Iggy may be getting married soon! Is he for real? Click through to watch his not-so sly confession!

Are Iggy Azalea and French Montana about to make a major announcement? Iggy was out with French’s younger brother, Zach Kharbouch, on November 26 at Catch in Los Angeles. Zach told TMZ reporters they were on a “family date.” A cameraman asked Zach if they were related, and he said “soon to be.” Pause right there, Zach; does that mean Iggy is going to become his sister-in-law?

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He either just pissed Iggy off, or revealed something huge, because Iggy overheard him say that and looked livid! Or, at least annoyed. This is how rumors get started!

If French and Iggy really are engaged, then their relationship is moving at light speed! The couple have only been together since August 2016, and things have been red hot ever since. But still; that’s less than five months! Add to that the fact that Iggy had only gotten out of her engagement with Nick Young in July. Maybe not the best time to get engaged again!

But the heart wants what it wants, right? Iggy and French have been having a blast together, and it seems like things are getting serious; she’s on “family dates” with his brother, after all! They took the most adorable photos ever together at French’s 32nd birthday party on November 10. Iggy, French and Zach posed together in a photobooth and made silly faces. When Iggy and French got the chance to be alone, their shot was a little more romantic. He’s resting his head on her shoulder, and looks so happy.

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