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Physician couple show off their dance moves at winter Dallas wedding


There’s a big of debate about whether Sara Park asked for now-husband Hieu Luu’s phone number, or if he asked for hers when they met in New Orleans through mutual friends about five years ago.

“I think he asked for my number, but he says I asked for his,” Sara explains. “I was trying to get him to meet me at a music festival the next day, so maybe it really was me who asked.”

Sara + Hieu Real Weddings

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Nuances aside, it took a few months for the stars to align for the busy medical student (Sara) and medical resident working nights (Hieu). And a few months after the pair got together, Sara graduated and moved to Tucson for her residency.

“I wasn’t a believer in long-distance relationships,” Sara says. “But of course, Hieu convinced me — and we made it work with him in New Orleans and me in Tucson.”

About three years later, while Sara’s mom was visiting her from Korea, Hieu took the ladies out to a steak dinner and popped the question with a ring the couple had picked out together.

Sara and Hieu toyed with the idea of having their wedding in the city where they met, but decided on Dallas, where Hieu’s parents live, after seeing the scenery at Texas Discovery Gardens. The couple loved the butterfly garden and floor-to-ceiling windows.

The fickle Texas weather held out beautifully for their January 30, 2016, vows. Sara selected soft pink and mint and for a fresh take on winter elegance.

But more than colors or views, the couple wanted their guests to have fun. They forewent many traditional wedding aspects of Hieu’s Vietnamese culture and Sara’s Korean culture to keep the ceremony short and sweet — and to leave plenty of time for dancing. The couple did manage three different outfits throughout the reception: a traditional white gown and suit, a modern take on traditional Korean wedding attire, and a Japanese gown and suit.

About 120 guests dined on an assortment of Asian-inspired courses of lobster, spicy eggplant, crab, quail, bean soup, and fried rice from Kirin Court. Annie’s Culinary Creations made the gold and white cake, chocolate-covered strawberries, and macarons.

While guests raved about the food, as well as the music (provided by Glenn Roush from LeForce Entertainment), Sara and Hieu have more intimate and romantic memories too.

“We’re not the most verbal couple, but we wrote our own vows,” Sara says. “When he gave me his vows, it showed how much heart he put into it.”

“When I first saw my wife walking down the aisle, she looked so beautiful,” Hieu says. “That was my favorite part of the whole wedding.”

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