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6 Wedding Dresses That Look Even Better From the Back

Walking down the aisle on your wedding day, is of course one of the biggest moments of your life! But gone are the days of making a big impression with just the front of your

wedding dress. Sure, everyone may watch you walk down the aisle — but it's your back they'll be looking at most during the ceremony. So you better make sure your dress screams "wow" from the back! Here, 6 wedding dresses that look even better from the back.

A daring scoop-plunge backline adds a sexy touch to Katie May's chic Barcelona dress (above), highlighted with peek-a-boo French Chantilly lace trim in the scoop for a bit of romance. Coupled with a chiffon fabric, the look really flatters all of the assets — and we're not just talking your back!

Katie May

Images: bridesmaid dresses australia

This bohemian beauty of a dress is complemented with a naked mesh back and delicate floral embroidery. Attached to loose sleeves and an even looser skirt, it's perfect for the free spirit. Romantic and whimsical, Elise Hameau's Iris dress takes on full effect when paired with short hair or an updo.

We can't get enough of this back triangle cut-out and the backdrop it provides for the collar's playful tassels. The open shape mirrors the geometric printed lace that comprises Grace Loves Lace's Soho dress, providing a beautiful and modern twist for the trendy bride.

A large bow perched at the bottom of the back and top of the derriere adds a fun and feminine element to this otherwise classic Carolina Herrera number. Paired with a show-stopping sophisticated train, the look is simple but stylish.

Soft tulle butterfly sleeves adorned with hand-beaded embellishments drape over the shoulders for a vintage and dreamy look in Anna Campbell's Adelaide dress. Wear this ethereal beauty, and you'll certainly feel like a bridal goddess saying your "I dos" at the altar.

A sheer back accentuated with baroque-inspired embroidery combines the best of a jaw-dropping back and beautiful details. Rich fabric and a tight silhouette with a flared train streamline this alluring look while adding a dash of flair.

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Surprise display lights up wedding trip

They ended up surprising all of Queenstown.

The Melbourne couple are in the business of weddings. Between them, their two reception venues host nearly 400 weddings a year.

So their post-wedding trip, after tying the knot in Melbourne last Friday, was always going to be extraordinary.

Melbourne couple Andrew and Deborah Judkins enjoy their fireworks display on Queenstown's waterfront on Saturday. Photo by Studiomax photography.

Images: blue bridesmaid dresses

The happy couple, and 22 close family and friends, flew to Queenstown on Saturday and dined at waterfront restaurant Botswana Butchery that night. They stepped out during the break between mains and dessert, for photos and "a surprise''.

In front of their stunned guests, they pushed a button starting the six-minute fireworks display.

"I absolutely love fireworks, so to make all my dreams come true, my now husband organised the fireworks display,'' Mrs Judkins said.

"It was a bit of fun. They were just blown away.''

Other than the sky, the display lit up social media.

One person asked: "Did someone start the Winter Fest fireworks a week early?''

To which one wag responded: "Yeah, thought we'd let rip while there was still snow about.''

The surprises did not end there. Four helicopters whisked the Australian group to the Remarkables mountains on Sunday.

Yesterday the party enjoyed Skyline's gondola and luge and today is a Shotover Jet ride. The group flies out tomorrow. The Judkins will head to the United Kingdom for a 12-day honeymoon.

The Judkins, who have both been married before, first visited Queenstown last August.

When they got engaged a month later, Queenstown was the "natural choice'' for an intimate, post-wedding trip, Mrs Judkins said.

"We just love it so much.''

Next time they visit they'll be buying a house?

"Very close,'' she said, laughing. "We would love to live here.''

Queenstown pyrotechnics expert Bill Falcone, who was contracted for Saturday's event, says private fireworks displays happened once or twice a year in Queenstown.

"The wind dropped. I thought it was wonderful.''

Falcone's skills will be put to use again this Friday for the Queenstown Winter Festival opening party and fireworks.

"It'll be a magical show.''

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Everything You Need to Know Before Throwing an All-White Wedding

It's been popular lately to assign a color theme to a wedding, and ask your guests to dress in the color of your choice. "White weddings," where everybody (wedding party and guests) wears white, are also trendy, especially in tropical destinations. My clients who have had color-themed weddings all said they did it for the monochrome pictures, which they've seen featured everywhere and loved.

White bridesmaids dresses

Images: SheinDressAU

However, there are some realities to a "white wedding" that should not be overlooked by the bride and groom when they do their planning.

First and foremost, you need to make sure that all of the guests understand what the attire is. It's never safe to assume anything for a wedding. Especially when you're asking literally everyone to break with etiquette and wear the bride's color of the day to her wedding. While traditionally, putting "formal" or "semi-formal" on the invitation is sufficient guidance, you have to take it a step further when you're telling your guests what color you want them to wear.

If your invitation is non-traditional and includes a lot of information about your wedding, you should definitely include it there. You can phrase it one of the following ways:

The bride and groom request that all guests wear white attire to their wedding ceremony and reception.

It's a White Wedding — Please embrace the theme and wear something white!

Reality Check: No matter how well you explain your "white wedding" theme to your family and guests, not everybody is going to wear all white. In fact, the vast majority of your gentlemen guests will wear khaki pants and a white shirt. And most likely no man outside the wedding party will have white shoes, unless you encourage them to wear sneakers. "White only" becomes white-from-the-waist-up to most of the men. Those who are willing to wear white pants probably already own some, and will rock them with their white shoes.

If you're having an outside, sunset wedding, beware of see-through fabrics! You won't want dress yourgroomsmen in linen pants that become see through, for example, and make sure bridesmaids' dresses are lined. While a cool linen shift may be exactly the look you're going for, be certain the dress is ALL the guests will be seeing during the ceremony. Make sure to remind your entire wedding party to wear only white or nude undergarments so nothing shows under the lights during pictures.

Lastly, don't get upset if some of your guests forget the dress code. Don't be surprised if some guests are wearing white with a pattern (if they've got a clue, they'll make a point to step out of some of your formal group photos so the color theme isn't ruined). Don't be disappointed, or annoyed, to see men not wearing white pants and shoes. When a wedding isn't black tie, most men don't see the need to purchase a new outfit they'll literally never wear again for one day. Expect (and hope for) bright white shirts and you'll be pleasantly surprised if everybody remembers.

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