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Ship run aground can’t sink couple’s wedding day bliss

A bride and groom whose marriage celebration hit a rough patch last night when their wedding cruise ship ran aground in Boston Harbor embraced the unexpected party foul, saying it created a once-in-a-lifetime memory their families will never forget.

“We’re going to love each other no matter what — it’s still a hell of a day,” said beaming groom Jaime Stern, 36, as he and his 34-year-old bride, Fernanda Stern, and their more than 100 wedding guests made it back to land safe and sound at Boston’s Long Wharf.


“It made it more memorable,” Fernanda said, still donning her wedding dress as she walked up the dock.

Jaime Stern, who hails from Boston but who now lives in Tel Aviv, Israel, said the wedding party was in full swing on the second deck of Boston Harbor Cruise’s 113-foot “Majesty” when the party suddenly turned into a “(expletive) show.”

Jaime Stern said the guests were just finishing dinner around 7 p.m. and getting ready for the real fun to start when the celebration came to a screeching halt as the ship neared Georges Island.

“Suddenly a big noise, everything stopped,” the groom said with a smile. “The music was playing and next thing you know, there were life jackets, little kids crying — it was crazy.”

And though the mishap may have stopped their love boat in its tracks, it didn’t sink their spirits.

“It’s alright,” Jaime Stern said as the newlyweds took their party to a nearby bar. “My girl is still here.”

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