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Lauren Conrad's perfectly planned events up to wedding

Planning a perfect wedding is a tall task to achieve, but if you don't have a step by step method for absolute perfection, you're guaranteed to have an absolute disaster. So today, Lauren Conrad devotes her second post at Brit + Co via LaurenConrad on planning every little occasion that leads up to your big day down the aisle.

Lauren strives to make the entire wedding experience perfect in simple steps

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Lauren first stresses that a timeline is key leading up to your wedding, timeline of events vary pending if wedding is 6 months after engagement or 18 months. It's also important to know what time of year you want to have your wedding, as well as the location you want to share your love with family and friends.

Next up is putting that list of invitees you want at your wedding being the guest list, as well as a headcount of how many people will be attending your wedding. But first, know who you want to invite by not inviting those to your engagement party who you know you won't be able to invite to the wedding, get everybody's contact information earlier than you think, and keep that info for save the dates and thank you notes.

Lauren adds 3 more inputs at Brit + Co like treating every pre-event before the wedding like the wedding itself, you want those occasions to all be streamline and special as possible, you also don't need to stick to your wedding theme for every event. In all those parties, add a personal touch like you and your fiance's favorite dessert or drink, and plan out all your outfits as best as possible for each wedding event leading up to the wedding, which is obvious what you'll be wearing that day.

Today also brings another edition of Ladies Who Laptop by contributor, Anna James who chats with Hillary Kerr and Katherine Powers who are the founders of Who What Wear. Hillary and Katherine explain how former Elle employees being them reimagined content from print onto a computer morphing onto your mobile phone and social media, the 2 also have an upcoming Target clothing line out this summer, as well as a book called "The Career Code" coming out this Tuesday.

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