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Indian weddings fuel 'make up' industry

The craze among Indians for a memorable wedding is one of the factors that contributes to country's burgeoning 'make up' industry which is growing at a rate of 20 per cent annually, an expert said today.

"People in India are spending more than those in countries like the US on make-up. The Indian weddings are one of the major boosters for this industry which has evolved in a big way," Vivek Bharti, heading the Bollywood Hollywood International (BHI) Make Up and Hair Styling Academy in Mumbai, told PTI.

Indian weddings fuel 'make up' industry: Expert

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He was speaking on the sidelines of an international workshop in Mumbai which began today where Hollywood celebrity makeup artist Donald Simrock is the guest.

"In USA, around 150-200 dollars are spent on bridal make up, but in India spending Rs 14,000-Rs 15,000 on bridal make up is not a big thing. There are some weddings where more than a lakh is spent on it. We always want to make the weddings memorable," Bharti said.

"If girl looks super beautiful, that picture is kept for generations. It is always treasured," he pointed out.

Bharti said the make up industry has been picking up at a pace of 20 per cent annually and awareness about it (make up) is growing at the rate of 50 per cent.

"You can see this from the booming salon industry in India," he said.

The expert said that the perspective of people towards make up industry has also changed.

"In past it was only uneducated people who were into this trade. Now the children from best of the families take up this as a full-time profession," he said.

"It has become a highly paid profession. A good make up artist can earn more than the salary of a corporate company's vice president," he claimed.

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