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Wedding Vibes

You just got engaged, and the planning is already underway. While date, time and location might be first on the list, eventually you will make your way to the music. You’ll need music throughout your wedding, and if you would like, you can leave everything up to the professional of your choice. You can hire a band or DJ and request they line up music for the entire event, or you can play a more pivotal role. Either way, here are some factors to consider.

Wedding Vibes...

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Where are you getting married? In a church? At a park? On the beach? Find out if there are any restrictions in place at the venue regarding music. Some venues may not permit live music, for example, due to space constraints or power supply limitations. If there are no restrictions in place, consider the tone of the venue. Religious settings may call for more traditional music styles, whereas outdoor settings may allow for a wider variety of music styles. Keep in mind that sound will carry outside and extra care may have to be taken to ensure no noise ordinances are broken. Finally, check with your officiant. They might also have some restrictions in place regarding music.


What styles of music do you prefer? Live or recorded? Vocals or instrumental? Classical or jazz? Some couples opt for a DJ to spin tunes of their choosing, while others hire a band. Some do a combo, bringing in a musician for the ceremony and a DJ for the reception. It really is up to you, but keep in mind that you will have guests at your wedding and their tastes in music may differ vastly. If possible, try to have a wide range of music played at your reception to suit all tastes, especially if you have a dance floor.


Do you have a wedding theme? If so, you will want music that suits it. While you might like heavy rock, it may not work for your small country wedding. A violinist, on the other hand, might do a great job.


Cost is always a concern. How much can you afford to spend on music? Live music generally costs more than hiring a DJ, unless you have your sights set on a celebrity DJ. If you would like to have live music but don’t have a big budget, you might want to find a compromise. Perhaps you could have a harpist at your wedding ceremony and a DJ at your reception. If you know a friend or relative who is a talented musician, perhaps you could ask them to play at your wedding for a reduced fee or

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