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Couple’s wedding day turmoil as floods cut off village

The age old tradition of the bride always being late for her big day was taken a bit too far by newly-wed Laura Fox.

For the bride, the bridegroom and the entire wedding party were not only late, they did not show up at all!

But the wedding still went ahead, if not exactly as bride Laura and her new husband, Will Park, had planned.

The couple were due to tie the knot at the picturesque church of St Hubert’s in Dunsop Bridge on Saturday, but major flooding cut off the village, making it impossible for anyone to get in or out.

Laura (26), a teaching assistant at Chatburn Primary School, said she realised something was wrong when her dad, Robert, went missing.

She said: “He had been making phone calls to try to find out what was happening and then he just walked in and said no-one, including us, would be able to get to the church.

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After the news had sunk in, I decided to take it in my stride and just stay calm as there was nothing I could do about itBride“After the news had sunk in, I decided to take it in my stride and just stay calm as there was nothing I could do about it.”

Officiating priest Mgr John Corcoran suggested the couple went to Clitheroe’s St Michael and St John’s Church where he could carry out a blessing but he would not be able to officially marry them there as they had been registered to tie the knot at St Hubert’s. And if he attempted to marry them at another church he could be sent to prison for up to 13 weeks as it is illegal!

Laura added: “We tried to get hold of a registrar to attend but all the offices were closed. Then we had to contact all 90 guests to ask them to come to a different church.

“It was quite a rush but we managed to get hold of everyone and they arrived on time and even though we did not get to say our vows the blessing was perfect in every way.”

Will and Laura Park

Will and Laura Park

Laura and Will, (33) who works as a heavy plant operator, held a reception at the Out Barn at Clough Bottom Farm. And, on the following day, did it all again but this time at St Hubert’s where they got the chance to say their vows and officially became Mr and Mrs Park.

Laura said: “I wore my bridesmaid dresses perth again and all our guests attended in their wedding outfits. Even though the Saturday ceremony was perfect it was wonderful to get married officially in the church that means so much to us as a family. It was certainly a unique wedding and we will have a wonderful story to tell people.”

The day was rounded off with an emotional visit by the newly-weds and several of their guests, including Laura’s dad and her mum Lorraine, to Clitheroe Hospital. They went to see Will’s mum, Janet, who was too ill to attend.

Laura said: “She was over the moon when she saw us all. It was a very emotional moment and I am grateful to my family, friends and Fr Corcoran for being so amazing and making everything come right for us in the end.”

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