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Express's Holiday Collection Will Have You Dressing Like a French Girl This Season

Get ready to celebrate, because the season of stylish soirees and blowout bashes has arrived. And while planning outfits for such occasions may seem like a daunting task, fear not. Thanks
to Express’s new high-end Edition collection, which includes nearly 60 pieces of ready-to-wear and accessories, finding a fete- appropriate ensemble has never been easier.

sole sisters 01

Just ask 20-year-old twin models Kelsey and Baylee Soles, who tried out some of the line’s suit-inspired separates and dazzling black informal wedding dresses for our shoot. “I would definitely wear these pieces to holiday parties,” says Baylee, the brunette of the duo. “They look and feel like they’re by a luxury brand!” Considering she’s an expert in quality clothing— in fact, both sisters have walked for Miu Miu and Saint Laurent and appeared in a Lanvin campaign—we’ll take her word for it.

If you’re going for stronger more structured look this season, Express has got your back. Their new lineup boasts a ton of borrowed-from-the-boys styles that have been infused with a feminine twist. Take inspiration from both of Baylee’s looks and layer the oversized tuxedo vest or military-inspired jacket on top of a gauzy shirt for a strong, standout ensemble. Want to add a touch of rock n’ roll? Easy—just throw on a pair of leather pants, grab a statement clutch and we guarantee you’ll be turning heads.

You’re more drawn to Kelsey’s feminine outfits, you say? The collection has a stunning black princess wedding dresses for every taste—from glitzy and body hugging to long and flowy—so you’re in good hands. Top any of them off with the line’s luxe maroon faux fur and brimmed black hat and you’ll achieve a Saint Laurent-esque look that’s the perfect balance of glamorous and edgy. Hedi Slimane would approve.

Although we love both of the aforementioned aesthetics equally, the latter seemed to strike a chord with of the twins, who both chose the black lace minidress as their favorite piece from the collection. “It goes along with my personal style really well—Baylee and I are actually pretty similar and share a lot of clothes,” explains Kelsey. “Yeah,” adds her sister, “we love ’70s and ’90s style.”

The best part about being twin models aside from sharing wardrobes? The lack of career
rivalry. “At the end of the day,” Baylee explains, “if Kelsey
books something and I don’t, it’s still kind of my face, too.”

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Blessings abound in Fond du Lac County

During this Thanksgiving season, we as residents of Fond du Lac County should reflect on the blessings that come with living here.

We have been blessed and have much to be thankful for as residents. We have increasing employment because of strong employers, large and small. Mercury Marine has lived up to its commitments made in 2009, almost doubling its employment and investing nearly a half-billion dollars in Fond du Lac, including an innovation center that is developing new products. Alliance Laundry Systems in Ripon has had two major expansions in the last three years with significant new employment. Advanced Tooling in Mount Calvary has doubled its employment.

Swenson Tool & Die moved to Campbellsport from Washington County because they wanted to be in Fond du Lac County and closer to a quality workforce. Wells Vehicle Electronics has expanded its employment, production capacity and product development. Grande Cheese is building its new headquarters in south Fond du Lac, which will be a showcase for those approaching the city from the south. LaClare Farms built a state-of-the-art goat milking and cheese processing facility in Pipe that has produced international award-winning goat cheese and is now expanding. Fond du Lac has several national and international businesses headquartered in the county. These are only a few examples and there are many more.


Images: sweetheart wedding dresses

IGNITE! Business Success, a robust network of 17 organizations, provides a seamless resource to support the start-up of new entrepreneurial enterprises and to assist existing small businesses sustain and grow their operations. The Emergent Technology Center, a member of IGNITE!, is a business accelerator for technology-based businesses. IGNITE! is unique in the state of Wisconsin and now is a model for other entrepreneurial development systems in Wisconsin and other parts of the nation. This was founded and started in Fond du Lac County by forward-thinking, ambitious and positive people.

We have many cultural, recreational and educational facilities that other communities envy. The Children’s Museum is one of the best in the Midwest. The Thelma Madoff Center for the Arts is a facility that offers opportunities to experience fine arts, concerts and learning for residents of all ages. The Pankratz Arts Exchange in Mount Calvary offers exceptional, professional musical productions every season of the year. The Fond du Lac Public Library will soon open the Idea Studio, a “makerspace” to nurture creativity and innovation.

Waupun offers some of the best festivals in the region and is known for its public collection of sculptures by world-renowned artist Clarence Addison Shaler. We live in one of the most beautiful countrysides in the nation that provides year-round recreation or just a place to enjoy natural serenity. Again, this is only a small list of the multiple cultural, recreational and educational opportunities that other communities only wish they possessed.

The Commonwealth Companies have invested more than $26 million in downtown Fond du Lac and is in the process of redeveloping the old hospital in Ripon that will provide much needed housing for the city and county. In downtown Fond du Lac, Lillian’s and Edith’s Bridal draw people from throughout the region and state. Marian University has purchased the Nielsen Building and has converted it to the Health Professionals Center where it will house its nursing program. Agnesian Healthcare has occupied a floor of the building for its information technology department.

All of the above are extremely positive endeavors; however, it seems that there are people in the community who can always find and focus on the opposite. Many times when we take actions to improve the community, some communicate negativity and defeatism. There is a small group that wants no change; they want the community to stay just like it is now. In today’s world, that is a formula for decline and deterioration. There is nothing wrong with public discourse but only when it is constructive. Most of what we hear from a small but vocal minority is destructive and adds nothing to building our community.

Every community has challenges, including Fond du Lac County. But there are far more positives and opportunities for the future. There are many selflessly working and dedicated to the future of our community. To those, we say “thank you”!

It is time for all of us to recognize that our county is truly blessed with many exceptional attributes. If you care about the future and progressive growth of the community, please stand up and be counted. You are needed. Become actively involved and engaged so that we can claim the community we deserve.(Source:

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Brands are failing to capitalise on the rising number of gay marriages

The lack of response by brands to the rise of gay marriages has taken Michael Wells, group account director at TMW Unlimited, by surprise.

Over 15,000 same-sex marriages have taken place since it became legal in England and Wales in 2014, the Office for National Statistics has revealed

As a gay man in a long-term relationship, and at an age when many friends, family members and colleagues are getting married, I’ve been getting involved in a lot of wedding conversations. Also, working in marketing, I’m especially attuned to how brands are capitalizing, or more often, failing to capitalize on the rising number of gay marriages.

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Brands are failing to capitalise on the rising numbers of gay marriage

Very little marketing activity speaks to the gay community

Same sex marriage gives brands a big opportunity to tap into a relatively new market. It provides a topic to talk to their gay consumers about and an opportunity to reaffirm their support for their gay customer base. But surprisingly there is very little marketing activity out there that speaks directly to the gay community, even from companies in the wedding business.

In the immediate aftermath of the legalisation of gay marriage, brands, including The Co-operative, VisitBritain and Google, targeted same sex couples with their advertising. Virgin Holidays, a company with established links to the gay community with its sponsorship of Attitude magazine, was one of the first to show its support for gay marriage. Ben & Jerry’s produced a limited edition ‘Apple-y Ever After’ flavour ice cream, replete with a picture of a gay couple on the tub, and Tiffany brought out its first ever ad showing a gay couple. Since then marketing budgets have, in the main, been directed elsewhere.

You'd think same-sex marriage didn't exist at all

Out Now Consulting found that the first year of civil partnerships in the UK boosted the UK economy by £130m, and the LGBT community is worth an estimated £80bn to the British economy each year, according to Stonewall. Yet gay consumers are still not getting the attention they deserve from brands. Researching weddings and honeymoons online can make you feel rather excluded as a gay couple. If you were to go by the marketing messaging from companies in the wedding business, you would think same-sex marriage didn’t exist at all.

The popular wedding location, Grittenham Barn in West Sussex, is typical of these, with a website showing only images of heterosexual couples. is similarly illustrated and, in the case of hotels company Mr & Mrs Smith, the exclusion of non heterosexuals is even in the name. However, in Mr & Mrs Smith’s defence, the tone of its communications is more inclusive than others, with words such as ‘couples’ and ‘soulmates’ used instead bride and groom. Even gay-friendly brand Virgin Holidays boasts a 64-page glossy online brochure without one picture of a same sex couple. Meanwhile, type ‘gay honeymoon’ into Google and it just delivers a list of porn sites.

These companies are missing out

These companies are missing out. I could in theory have a large wedding and honeymoon budget and yet none of them is doing anything to get my business. It doesn’t do brands any favours to try too hard but they should at the very least ensure their communications are inclusive. I don’t need to feel that a brand is a specialist in same sex marriages, but I would want to feel reassured that it would be something they would support and accommodate.(Source: bridesmaid dress)

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