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Inspired by freedom of movement thanks to his time as a dancer, Niro Wang is making his mark on London with one of the world’s oldest fabrics. Wang’s linen-focused collection caught the attention of the fashion world with his runway show at London Fashion Week and showroom in Paris this season. Before moving to London to study fashion in 2009, Wang trained in dance in his hometown of Beijing. His background in the philosophy of dance and balance of movement has been transferred to his signature style in luxury womenswear: dressing those with an urban lifestyle who still have the countryside at heart. His new collection pushes the boundaries of the flax-based fabric to create free-flowing designs in a contemporary context.


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Jing Daily caught up with Niro Wang after his London presentation to learn more about his inspirations for his collection, why he loves working with natural fabrics, and his plans for bringing the brand to Asia.

Where did the nature elements and inspiration for this collection come from?

I went to the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and there they have a library. I discovered a book that was over 100 years old—a real collector’s item—and it described specimens of wood, and it was there where I found my inspiration for this Spring/Summer collection. I love nature, so no matter what I do—in this collection or in future seasons to come—it will always revolve around nature.

Why was linen so prominent in your work?

Linen is my language and I try to push the natural fabric boundaries for the modern woman. Linen has countless advantages, not only in the sense for human or environmental purposes, but for its hard-to-knit character. It’s a natural and healthier fabric choice and for me, essential for the lifestyle that most people have nowadays in city environments.

What are your future business plans for your brand?

That is always in mind and it’s important. After London Fashion Week, I will showcase in Paris for four days and take the brand further, aiming for the Asian market.

Have you always had the Asian market in mind?

Well, as I’m Asian, it will always be considered in my designs as it’s my heritage. As you can see, the silhouettes in my collection can be labeled traditional Chinese cuts, with loose, free-flowing garments. I don’t like restraint. I studied in dance before I came to London and the form of freedom is important to me, no matter what medium. It’s essential to have that element throughout my work: freedom.

Can you describe the characteristics of an ideal customer who would wear Niro Wang?

Firstly, she must love nature and have a genuine heart. I consider people living in urban areas but have a city farm, or grow tomatoes, but are still up-to-date with the latest technological advances. There will be a playful streak in the ideal women wearing Niro Wang, as the collection embodies a relaxed and childlike nature.

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