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Harbhajan Singh’s wedding–Tips to have a rocking mehendi ceremony like Geeta Basra

Cricketer Harbhajan Singh and actress Geeta Basra are all set to tie the knot on 29th October 2015 in a big fat Punjabi wedding and the couple is now busy with their pre- wedding ceremonies. Their mehendi and sangeet ceremony were held on Tuesday on a grand scale. nd the bride-to-be looked beautiful in a pink ensemble for her mehendi whereas the groom kept it simple. For the Sangeet ceremony, however, Bhajji decided to go all grand in a pink waistcoat with kurta and a pink turban and Geeta wore a dark green lehenga with gold border.

The couple just shared the pictures on various social media sites and the pictures of the mehendi and the sangeet ceremony are going viral.

Geeta basra


Decoding the mehendi

The mehendi ceremony is one of the most important ceremonies of an Indian wedding and the design itself is very significant with each type of design symbolising different aspects of life. Flowers and buds, butterflies and birds, bride and groom designs, paisley are the most common designs used in a bridal mehendi. The design is usually applied on the palm, back of the hand, the forearm and also the feet. It is believed that designs on the palm invoke offering, the design on the back of the palm acts as a shield and acts as protection. Flowers are a symbol of joy and happiness and the bud signifies new beginnings. Flowers like the lotus mean grace, sensuality, purity, feminity and purity. Vines and leaves which are a must have in a bridal mehendi symbolise devotion, entwined lives and vitality. Sun, moon and stars too are a symbol of lasting love between the partners.

Health benefits!

Apart from the significance of designs, applying mehendi just before the wedding has various health benefits too. Mehendi is a medicinal herb and helps relieve pre-wedding stress and anxiety. Application of Mehendi has a cooling effect on the body and it also calms the nerves and helps the bride and groom relax. Mehendi is also useful to boost over all health of the couple and protects them from any viral and bacterial infections just before the wedding. Also, the powerful smell of the mehendi acts as an aphrodisiac and helps boost the romance in the couple in the initial days.

The colour of the mehendi is often enhanced by adding clove and eucalyptus oil and few drops of lemon while making the paste. Here are some more tips to make your mehendi last for a long time. Traditional mehendi made from just the herb is very healthy and has no side effects as such except for some allergic reactions in some sensitive individuals. But nowadays chemicals are added to the mehendi paste for the mehendi to appear dark brown or black. A common allergen called PPD is usually added for this. This chemical is known trigger contact dermatitis which has symptoms like wheezing, itching, burning and redness of the skin. Here are some more side effects of mehendi.


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