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Miss Belding Scholarship Pageant coming to Belding High School

This Saturday, Aug. 29, contestants in the Miss Belding Scholarship Pageant will be taking the stage to see who will be crowned Miss Belding for 2015.

The Miss Belding Scholarship Pageant is an annual tradition that allows young women in the Belding area to show off their various talents, skills, and knowledge. According to Julie Mikek, pageant co-chair, whoever is crowed Miss Belding will hold a number of responsibilities.

The 2015 Miss Belding contestants, from left to right: Kiana Pollock, Desirae Lovell, Hannah Kellogg, 2014 Miss Belding Allison Harrison, Kiley Walch and Alexis Cahill.

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“The winner will represent Belding,” Mikek said. “There is about 10 to 12 parades they’re in every year, and they must show up to those.”

Mikek said that along with representing the city and attending parades, the winner must remember to do one more thing: have fun.

A dress rehearsal for the pageant is scheduled for Friday, Aug. 28, where pageant participants will gather to practice for the event as if it is the real thing to ensure that everyone knows where to be and what to do.

The pageant itself will take place at the Belding High School Auditorium, located at 850 Hall St. in Belding, starting at 7 p.m., and a $10 fee will be charged at the door.

“Basically, the girls are vying for scholarship money,” Mikek said. “The top two title winners will receive scholarship money, as well as the runner up.”

Mikek said that the scholarship amounts vary from year to year, and the amount will be revealed on Saturday.

There are 13 contestants in this year’s pageant, ranging between four categories: Kiddie King and Queen, Junior Miss Belding, Young Miss Belding, and Miss Belding.

Contestants for Kiddie King and Queen are Carlie Willingham, Jordyn Mathews, Brian Hanner, Yaelynn Tayler, and Cayla Nielsen.

Contestants for Junior Miss Belding are Mackenzie Fleser, Lauren Barker, Jenisa Henry, Laken Cheney, Katelynn Walch, and Anastasia Hintz.

Competing for the Young Miss title is Jaslyn Henry and Kayla Walch.

The Miss Belding contestants are Kiana Pollock, Desirae Lovell, Hannah Kellogg, Kiley Walch, and Alexis Cahill.

Allison Harrison was crowned Miss Belding in 2014, Maddie Hubbart was Young Miss 2014, and Lauren Thompson was named the 2014 Junior Miss Belding.

The evening will begin with the contestants performing an opening number. The theme of this year is “The Lorax” by Dr. Suess, so each contestant will be dancing to music from the movie.

Following the opening number, each contestant will introduce themselves, and the Kiddie King and Queen will be named.

Contestants in the Young Miss and Junior Miss categories will then take the stage in their ‘expression wear,’ which is clothing that shows their personality and interests in their everyday lives.

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