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Sooraj Sits For Marriage While Sandhya Follows Chandu

Diya Aur Baati Hum's August 18th episode: The Boss comforts Sandhya when she breaks down after seeing her family. He tells her to concentrate on the mission. She regains her composure and becomes determined to catch Chandu, the mastermind of Garjana. Boss gives her a secret communication device. Shekhar sits for a secret meeting with his comrades, before going to the stage.

Diya Aur Baati Hum: Sooraj Sits For Marriage While Sandhya Follows Chandu

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Sandhya sees that the drama costume is changed just before the show. The artists are given luminous jackets; Sandhya thinks it must be for some special purpose. She sees her boss promoting a pizza brand on the function ground. The Independence Day program starts with an announcement of a special power project to solve the present power issues in Rajasthan. The Minister gives a speech on the same. Shekhar’s team performs a masked show with the luminous suits. Sandhya keeps close watch on the situation. Shekhar keeps looking for an opportunity to escape from the function hall. He secretly leaves the hall just after the show is over. Sandhya sees someone escaping; she follows him without knowing it is Shekhar.

Bhabho carefully makes the last minute preparations for Sooraj’s wedding. Ved helps Sooraj get dressed in his wedding suit. Sooraj notices Ved’s grim face. Bhabho explains that Ved is upset because his special suit has not been delivered by the tailor. Meenakshi thinks she will never let Sooraj get married to Lalima. As Sooraj is afraid of fire, Bhabho wets the pieces of firewood, so that they can never get ignited during the marriage ceremony. Meenakshi cleverly changes the wet pieces of firewood with dry ones, so that they easily catch fire and Sooraj’s condition can be revealed before Lalima. Sooraj and Lalima are taken to the wedding ground as per the schedule.

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