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The Wedding Trend: Funeral Homes as Wedding Venues

Getting married can be quite a stress for couples, especially about the expenses. It can get so expensive to walk down the aisle. The wedding trend now has couples walking down the aisle in funeral homes. The idea has been accepted: funeral homes as wedding venues. Couples get more than 50% savings compared to usual wedding locations. The wedding site lists wedding venues in Indiana at almost $ 10,000. Community Life Center, which sits on cemetery land and is near a funeral home, offers wedding venue for only $ 4,000.


Those who have tried it shared their stories. Some thought it was morbid. Some called it matrimony in mortuary. Some asked the question, 'will there be dead bodies in the room?' But the number of those choosing this option is growing. Like one bride says, '"It felt like a place of love and just bright happy joy on that day, it really did".


This set-up with funeral homes started about 5 years ago, but did not really take off. But these days, it has become quite a trend that some funeral homes are booked for weddings already up to 2016.


The Wedding Trend: Funeral Homes as Wedding Venues


Images: simple wedding dresses


This novel idea has become the saving grace for funeral homes. More people are choosing cremation. This option, however, means lesser profit for mortuaries. The penny-pinching ways have also affected traditional wedding venues. Couples now are more practical about costs, and many wedding venues have closed shop due to bad economy. Meanwhile, funeral homes had nowhere to go. While there are still deaths, there would always be funeral homes. And now, while there are weddings, there also remain the funeral homes.


Funeral homes as wedding venues have become acceptable not only for the cost, but also for its availability. There are bigger chances of the halls being available. Also, most homes have the setting couples want in their weddings - marble floors, chandelier, and wide grounds. They like that the wedding ceremony itself and the reception can be done in just one place.


As the report states, the younger generation seems to have no stigma over death.


Although, of course, the funeral homes make sure there are no caskets and urns in sight during the ceremony. And the graveyard not so visible to the wedding party. But as trends go, some couples intentionally make sure the gravestones are seen in the background of their photos. Whatever rocks your wedding boat.

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Why We’ve Missed Rachel McAdams On The Red Carpet

Rachel McAdams had been keeping a low profile until recently but she has made her return to screens big and small with Southpaw and True Detective. Everyone should be excited. Not only is it great to see her acting but it is also great seeing her on the red carpet. She doesn’t wear mini skirts and designer tank tops but she is just as stylish as her iconic character in Mean Girls, Regina George. Remember her pink highlights from ages ago? Remember her and Ryan Gosling? Okay, that has nothing to do with fashion but they were just so perfect together, it had to be mentioned.


These outfits show why we have missed Rachel McAdams on the red carpet:


1. Southpaw New York Premiere, 2015


attends the


Pictures: wedding dresses


We have seen a zillion triangular ab cutout looks but for some reason Rachel’s dress doesn’t make us sigh and wish we could see something else. She looks simply stunning in this black outfit.


2. Good Morning America, 2015


Rachel ditched the sunglasses for her actual appearance on GMA but this detailed dress looks great with or without them. This shows that Kardashians shouldn’t be the only ones wearing illusion dresses.


3. ESPSN Southpaw Screening, 2015


This is how you mix lace, embellishment, beading and frills without turning yourself into a shimmering meringue. Also, note how Rachel has repeated the same delicate high-heeled sandals in all three outfits but the looks are entirely different.


4. ESPY Awards, 2015


You wouldn’t expect someone to show up to a sports awards show in a suit but we’re thankful Rachel turned up in this minimal red suit. It doesn’t look like a dowdy business “power suit.”


5. Spike TV ‘s Guys Choice, 2015


She switched up the shoes for this coordinated look. No detail is overlooked and everything works together. Her lipstick and shoes both perfectly match her dress.


6. Aloha Premiere, 2015


On the wrong person, this look could have gone horribly wrong. There is a fishnet top paired with a skirt that has some sort of giant blue lily pad peplum. However, Rachel’s simple styling keeps it edgy as opposed to WTF.


7. Southpaw Canada Premiere, 2015


This pinky red column dress is very simple but Rachel knows that the shimmery fabric is enough of a statement to guarantee all eyes will be on her. Bravo for also pulling off that tricky ankle-length silhouette.


8. Canada’s Walk Of Fame Gala, 2014


This is a modern take on Old Hollywood glamour. Look at this gown and all of the others on the list and you’ll see how all of her clothes are always fit to perfection.


9. Leaving A Southpaw Screening, 2015


Take note of this look Rachel wore to a screening of Southpaw because it is a great date night look. We know she can wear a gown but she can pull off a casual look just as well. Can we steal the shoes…and the blouse…or just the whole thing?

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Son’s autism diagnosis inspires mom to launch gluten-free bakery

Edmonds mom Elizabeth Rayborn was happy with her job as a professional baker and didn’t have plans to start her own bakery – let alone a gluten-free one.


Then her youngest son was diagnosed with autism.


After son Killian’s diagnosis, Rayborn and her husband began researching different remedies for his condition. Surprisingly for them, they found that many autistic people are intolerant to gluten, and immediately attempted to modify Killian’s diet. The changes in his behavior after removing gluten, Rayborn said, were significant.


“A lot of his symptoms were reduced,” Rayborn said. “Sometimes he used to just sit and stare at nothing for hours, and he stopped that when we took him off gluten.”


At the time, Rayborn said, the gluten-free options on the market were slim and unappealing to Killian. Besides, as a baker with over 10 years of experience, she felt a need to continue to cook for her family as she had always done. So she re-purposed her cooking skills and revamped her recipes to eliminate gluten so that everyone in her family – especially Killian – could enjoy her cooking.


All of Rayburn's creations are gluten-free.


All of Rayborn’s creations are gluten-free. (Courtesy Elizabeth Rayborn)Through what Rayborn describes as a period of trial and error, she developed gluten-free recipes with the same taste and visual appeal as her food had prior to the switch.


With her family as her inspiration and encouragement, Rayborn left her job at A La Mode Pies in 2013 to combine her love for baking with her hope to provide appealing options for those with dietary restrictions, and those without.


“I like to think of it as an inclusive option,” Rayborn said.


What resulted was a one-women bakery called Stone Layne Baked Specialties, a name she chose to include the middle names of her two sons — Stone and Layne. Since then, Rayborn has launched a career based on creative designs that can be consumed by people regardless of dietary restrictions, often making cakes for weddings and birthday parties.


“People are turned off by gluten-free, but I always tell my clients that it’s important to have something everyone can eat,” Rayborn said “When I have samples I always tell people after that, it was gluten-free. You would never know if I didn’t tell you.”


Her intricate designs paired with her careful recipes made from scratch are why clients and friends like Edmonds resident Mike Allende, who has had Rayborn bake the cakes for several family birthday parties, continue to return to Stone Layne Baked Specialties.


“She is the first one we go to for all of our cakes,” Allende said. “This was the third or fourth year that she’s made the cake for our son’s birthday, so it’s just a natural thing that we would ask her to make them.”



Satchel Allende’s cake captured the attention of the Seattle Mariners. (Photo:red bridesmaid dresses )Recently, Rayborn made a Seattle Mariners-themed cake for the 8th birthday party of Allende’s son Satchel. The cake, featuring multiple layers that included a baseball mitt, jersey, hat and baseball, even caught the attention of the Mariners’ Instagram account, which featured a picture of the cake with a birthday shout out to Satchel.


“I couldn’t believe the Mariners actually talked about my cake,” said Satchel Allende. “They are my favorite team and it was really exciting that they would think my cake was so cool.”


Rayborn, who heard about the Instagram post from her sister-in-law, was excited to get the publicity from a social media account with 280,000 followers. But what meant the most to her were her sons’ reactions.


“The boys thought it was awesome that the Mariners like mommy’s cakes too,” Rayborn said.

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