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The Wedding Trend: Funeral Homes as Wedding Venues

Getting married can be quite a stress for couples, especially about the expenses. It can get so expensive to walk down the aisle. The wedding trend now has couples walking down the aisle in funeral homes. The idea has been accepted: funeral homes as wedding venues. Couples get more than 50% savings compared to usual wedding locations. The wedding site lists wedding venues in Indiana at almost $ 10,000. Community Life Center, which sits on cemetery land and is near a funeral home, offers wedding venue for only $ 4,000.


Those who have tried it shared their stories. Some thought it was morbid. Some called it matrimony in mortuary. Some asked the question, 'will there be dead bodies in the room?' But the number of those choosing this option is growing. Like one bride says, '"It felt like a place of love and just bright happy joy on that day, it really did".


This set-up with funeral homes started about 5 years ago, but did not really take off. But these days, it has become quite a trend that some funeral homes are booked for weddings already up to 2016.


The Wedding Trend: Funeral Homes as Wedding Venues


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This novel idea has become the saving grace for funeral homes. More people are choosing cremation. This option, however, means lesser profit for mortuaries. The penny-pinching ways have also affected traditional wedding venues. Couples now are more practical about costs, and many wedding venues have closed shop due to bad economy. Meanwhile, funeral homes had nowhere to go. While there are still deaths, there would always be funeral homes. And now, while there are weddings, there also remain the funeral homes.


Funeral homes as wedding venues have become acceptable not only for the cost, but also for its availability. There are bigger chances of the halls being available. Also, most homes have the setting couples want in their weddings - marble floors, chandelier, and wide grounds. They like that the wedding ceremony itself and the reception can be done in just one place.


As the report states, the younger generation seems to have no stigma over death.


Although, of course, the funeral homes make sure there are no caskets and urns in sight during the ceremony. And the graveyard not so visible to the wedding party. But as trends go, some couples intentionally make sure the gravestones are seen in the background of their photos. Whatever rocks your wedding boat.

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