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Two zany kids in love from Sherman Oaks pulled off a memorable and unique wedding: Their wedding was officiated by puppets.


It was a big surprise for all the guests at Joe Gold and Tammy Caplan's wedding at Inn of the Seventh Ray in Topanga on April 25.



photo by bridal gowns


"We just wanted to have something really fun at the wedding, and we thought about all kinds of different ideas for what might be fun," Gold said.


The couple had been together for 15 years and had attended plenty of weddings together.


They wanted a creative, non-religious, upbeat wedding, so they wrote the script themselves and worked for months with the L.A. Puppet School to build the puppets, design their outfits, audition puppeteers and rehearse.


The big day came with a colorful cast of characters and even some wedding drama. At one point during the ceremony, a puppet came running down the aisle shouting, "Why have you forsaken me? I love you Tammy" -- only to be punched by the groom.


"We've gained such an appreciation for the art of puppetry," Caplan said.


At the end of the wedding, all of the guests got to make their own puppets, and there was a big puppet dance.

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