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Alexander Graham Bell descendant to marry in spectacular wedding

A prominent Tucson family is hosting the wedding a lifetime and KGUN9 is the only TV station with access to the big event.

Graham and Jackie Bell have opened their home to many dignitaries over the years, including President George W. Bush and Sandra Day O'Connor.

Now, that same home will be the ceremony and reception venue for their grandson Michael as he marries Ruben, his boyfriend of four years.

Nearly 140 years after Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, another first: a same-sex marriage in the Bell family held in tucson.

Michael Thompson, grandson of Tucson residents Jackie and Graham Bell, and his fiancee Ruben Andrade will be wed at the family estate on April11th.

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The whole process will take place in front of the cameras. It's the first time a gay wedding will be featured in Tucson Lifestyle magazine, captured by photographer Shelley Welander, as same-sex marriage just became legal in Arizona last year.

"My grandparents have this incredible home...and it was free," laughed Michael. "They offered to let us have the ceremony and the reception there and we were like, 'You can't beat that,'" said Ruben. "And it's warm weather in April, everyone in Chicago is just ready to get out of there."

Both guys grew up and met in Chicago, and still live there, but Tucson has always had a special place in Michael's heart.

"I've always been coming here my whole life because they've always lived here. It's magical, I love it," said Michael.

As a UA grad, Michael brought Ruben back to the Old Pueblo to re-enact their engagement. The original took place at the Peninsula Hotel in Chicago.

"It was gorgeous. I told him I was taking him there for his birthday and I know he doesn't like too much attention on him, so we were alone in the room and I told him I had one more birthday present and proposed," said Michael. "It was perfect," said Ruben.

"I saw the box and I opened it and I saw the ring and I was like, 'Are you serious?' and I just started crying," said Ruben. "I was like, 'Are you serious right now?' and he's like, 'Yea.' And I was like, 'Yes, yes, of course!'"

9 On Your Side will be there for Michael and Ruben's big day in April.

In the meantime, Tucson Lifestyle will feature a step in their trip to the alter each month. The February issue is out now.

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