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Wedding trend alert: More couples choose enchanting winter themes

The glittering icicles, crisp white snow and a simple unspoken elegance – the wonder of winter has suited weddings well for many years. Today, Disney’s Frozen has renewed interest in winter weddings, with more couples choosing a sophisticated theme that is inspired by the style and storyline of the popular film.

If you think it’s odd to model the theme of your wedding after a children’s movie, you’re perhaps not aware of just how brides are finding inspiration from the movie to create the wedding of their dreams. The reception isn’t plastered with princesses and fairies. Rather, this is chic style that embraces the beauty of winter while taking subtle cues from the movie. Consider these five trendy ways brides are creating Frozen-themed weddings:


The invitation sets the stage and provides guests clues as to what to expect at the ceremony and reception. The Disney Fairy Tale Wedding collection fromInvitations by Dawn gives brides two beautiful wintery options. The Disney’s Icy Swirls Invitation is inspired by Elsa, evoking a regal, elegant and magical design that features shimmer paper and a laser cut swirl band in baby blue. For the down-to-earth bride who embraces natural designs, the Disney Natural Beauty Invitationinspired by Anna is the perfect option. Ecru shimmer paper, a wood grain background and choice of design colors combine to show a bride’s free spirit and impeccable style.

The look

Wedding trend alert: More couples choose enchanting winter themes
picture: bridesmaid dresses

Wedding-day style is emulating Frozen with looks that are as cool as ice. Brides are choosing dresses of crisp white satin, glitter and organza to capture the beauty of Elsa. Alfred Angelo even features an Elsa wedding dresses in his 2015 Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings collection. To finish the look and truly exude the character of Elsa, brides are choosing loose braids and soft, shimmery makeup. For the bridesmaids, dresses in tones of evergreen or plum are gaining popularity.

Reception decor

The reception is where brides are really having fun selecting decor to create a winter wonderland setting that captures the attention of guests young and old. Some are going with an all-white setting with touches of sparkling crystal, flickering candles and twinkle string lights for an instantly romantic ambience inspired by Elsa. Others are embracing touches of rich color and natural decor, such as plum table runners, gold-rimmed plates and accents of pine cones and birch branches, much to the style of Anna.


More florists are being asked to model bouquets and centerpieces after Frozen and the outcomes are breathtaking. For an icy winter look representative of Elsa, brides are selecting all-white arrangements with petal tips dusted in micro-glitter or gems peaking out of the center of each flower. For the rich, natural look of Anna, brides are selecting flowers in a variety of gemstones like ruby, garnet, emerald and amethyst for bouquets that pop against a white dress or tabletop.


While diamonds are the traditional stone for engagement rings, more brides are thinking outside the jewelry box and longing for a ring that none of their friends will have. Selecting stones in unique hues is a big trend, and there are many options that capture the beauty of winter. A ring featuring icy aquamarine with blue sapphire accents set in white gold embraces the style of Elsa perfectly. For natural beauties like Anna, an emerald center stone set in rose gold surrounded by rich purple amethyst in the shape of a snow flake is sure to please. Bottom line: when it comes to rings, the sky is the limit and diamonds aren’t necessarily a girl’s best friend any longer.

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