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Sultan couple enjoys roller coaster wedding

When Sultan resident Holly Shelvock entered Star 101.5 FM’s contest to win a roller coaster wedding, she didn’t imagine in a million years that she would win. She didn’t even mention it to her significant other, Sean Schuhrieman.

And then on Thursday, Sept. 4, she had to mention it, because she learned that they were in the top five. And even then, Shelvock still didn’t think they would actually win. Neither did Schuhrieman.

“At first, I didn’t know what to think,” said Schuhrieman. “She told me, ‘So by the way, I entered us into this contest. We’re one of five, but we probably won’t win so don’t worry about it.’ I didn’t put much thought into it after that.”

But on Friday, Sept. 5, the radio station contacted her at work to inform her that she and her significant other had officially won the Washington State Fair Roller Coaster Wedding Contest. The contest awarded them an all-expense-paid wedding including jewelry, tuxedo rentals, a reception at the fair with scones and a three-tiered custom wedding cake, fresh-cut flowers and wedding night accommodations at the Holiday Inn Express and Suites in Puyallup.

And when Shelvock told Schuhrieman that they had won, he didn’t hesitate, quite literally, to go along for the ride.

The happy couple enjoying their wild roller coaster wedding at the Washington State Fair in Puyallup, on Monday, Sept. 15. Wedding photo courtesy of Holly Shelvock
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Shelvock and Schuhrieman live in Sultan with their two sons, 6-year-old Gavin, and Declan, who is three. They met while serving in the United States Navy and have been together for 10 years. The couple explained that they always meant to get married, but just hadn’t found the right opportunity.

“We were just really happy together,” said Schuhrieman. “We always talked about doing it, but life took over and we just hadn’t had the chance.”

The contest turned out to the perfect solution. Star 101.5 FM provided them everything needed for their wedding; one of the only stipulations was that they had to act fast. The marriage license needed to be obtained right away.

“We literally went from zero to 60 on the marriage license,” said Schuhrieman.

The couple had a total of 10 days to make all the arrangements, most of which were facilitated by the radio station. They were given the opportunity to choose their wedding colors, which were incorporated into both the tuxedos and the flower arrangements, and were asked to choose the flavors for their wedding cake. Additionally, Shelvock got to select an engagement set.

“That’s when I actually realized it was real,” said Schuhrieman. “They pulled out three rings for her and it was amazing.”

When choosing their colors, the couple decided to have some fun and go with a Seahawks-theme. The Tux shop added Seahawks-blue ties and bowties along with green vests, and the bouquets and boutonnieres were festooned green and blue blossoms. The cake was Seahawks-themed, as was Shelvock’s manicure.

As for the wedding dress, Shelvock had that taken care of, except for the fact that her dress needed a minor alteration. Fortunately, once she explained her situation, Hill Street Cleaners in Monroe was happy to oblige.

“They did it in two days and didn’t charge me an expedite fee or anything,” said Shelvock. “They were so great.”

It was a whirlwind 10 days, shared Shelvock, but by Sunday, Sept. 14, everything was ready. The couple then prepared to meet the other stipulation of the contest; they had to get married early. The ceremony was set to take place at approximately 7:15 a.m. on Monday, Sept. 15. The couple arrived at the fairgrounds at 6 a.m., and after that it was a scramble of radio interviews, getting dressed, getting their children dressed, and hair and makeup for Shelvock.

Shelvock wasn’t sure their friends would be willing to come to the fair on a Monday at 7 in the morning, but to her surprise, they were more than happy to be there.

“That was just really kind of a great feeling too; you know, everybody was there to be supportive,” said Shelvock. “It was really nice how many true friends and family that we have that were willing to just come out and hang out with us for a few hours in the morning. And really early.”

Shortly after 7, the couple piled onto the roller coaster with Star 101.5 FM radio personality Kent, from the Kent and Alan Morning Show, a photographer, camera crew, several reporters and six or seven friends in the back. The vows were read as the roller coaster began its climb. Once they got to the top, it was time for Schuhrieman to kiss the bride.

The entire ceremony took one minute, 14 seconds.

“We literally started kissing as it started dropping down,” said Schuhrieman. “Once the ride was over we did the rings, and then we changed out some people and went again.”

After the roller coaster rides, the couple enjoyed their reception which had been completely set up for them. Flowers, their Seahawks cake, and a dozen famous fair scones were provided for them and their guests.

Shelvock and Schuhrieman are grateful to Star 101.5 FM and the Washington State Fair for making their wedding such a great experience. The rings were provided by Chippers Jewelry in Bonney Lake; tuxedo rentals were provided by the Tux Shop; and the cake was created by Morfey’s Cakes in Seattle. Their Seahawks-themed flowers were provided by Blooms at the Windmill Inn in Sumner.

“It happened so quickly I was just in shock pretty much up until the day of,” said Shelvock. “I’m still kind of in shock. It was just crazy; it was so much fun.”

Next, they will travel to California for a mini-honeymoon, also provided by Star 101.5 FM. The newlyweds will have the opportunity to attend a musical performance by Echosmith, an indie pop band composed of four siblings.

Shelvock stated that the roller coaster wedding suited them perfectly, and they are looking forward to their spur-of-the-moment honeymoon.

“That’s kind of how we are,” said Shelvock. “We’re not traditional; we’re kind of wild and crazy.”

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