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Operation Wedding is a successful mission

For Sarah and Trevor Trovato, love isn’t a battlefield.

Love is a battleship.

The groom is an Army officer. The bride has plans to become an Army officer. They met at SUNY Brockport State, where they were both involved in ROTC. And when they got married Aug. 9, they held their wedding reception on the USS Little Rock.

Just to make the military picture complete, they posed for a photo that looks just like the famous photo taken at the end of World War II, the photo that shows a sailor kissing a nurse.

Amazingly, Sarah Trovato said the photo was unplanned. It was a spur-of-the-moment inspiration on the part of the photographer, Ellen Brabo.

picture: bridesmaid dress

“She’s fantastic. She’s a good friend,” Sarah Trovato said. “The photo came out fantastic. She said to my husband, ‘Give her a kiss.’ Then she got down on her knee, took the picture, and said, ‘This is it.’ She was an Army brat,” she added. “She’s going to be commissioning into the Army in May. She’ll be an officer as well. Most of the party was Army.”

Though the photo was impromptu, the rest of the wedding was a carefully coordinated group maneuver.

“We wanted to stick with a military theme, so I did research,” said Sarah, who grew up in the Springville area. “My parents have a boat in Buffalo. We’ve driven by the ships, with their big, beautiful lights. We saw they were having parties up there. We started doing digging, and found out that you can rent out the ships.”

Operation Wedding went forward smoothly. Sarah’s parents, who have been married 27 years, deployed to the USS Little Rock the night before their daughter’s big day and decorated it with lights and tulle fabric. The next afternoon, more close friends and family members missed the ceremony so they could set the tables and take care of other last-minute touches. “It was a huge team effort,” Sarah said.

The wedding took place at Forestville Methodist Church, where the bride’s grandfather is pastor and heard the couple’s vows. A school bus took guests afterward from the church to the ship.

“We came up the service elevators,” Sarah laughed. As twilight fell, the lights blinked on. “The weather was perfect that night. I got lucky. I had a perfect night with the perfect groom.”

In typical Buffalo style, the whole waterfront got involved. “Everyone at Liberty Hound was watching us, hooting and hollering with us,” Sarah laughed. “And we kept making jokes because we had wedding crashers. They kept seeing how much fun we were having and kept wanting to get on the ship and party with us.

“It was the most incredible night we could have had.”

The bride’s parents are Dan and Christine Hankey of Lawtons. The bridegroom’s parents are Ginger and Kirk Nelson, and Joseph and Tammy Trovato of Fulton.

The bride is a graduate of North Collins High School. She earned a health science administration degree from Brockport State. The bride is a health administrator at Gulf Coast Medicine. The groom is a graduate of G. Ray Bodley High School in Fulton. He earned a criminal justice and military science degree from Brockport State. He is an explosive ordinance disposal officer for the Army.

The couple will make their home in Savannah, Ga.

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