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That's one way to upstage the bride! Woman goes into labour at best friend's wedding

Amanda Hutchinson was rushed into a car outside her best friend's wedding after her waters broke just as she was arriving at the ceremony.

Amanda, 28 - who was supposed to be bridesmaid, but pulled out when she discovered she was pregnant - gave birth to a daughter outside the wedding on Saturday.

As well as the bride losing her best friend from the ceremony, the groom also lost his best man Gareth – father of the newborn.

The bride, also called Amanda, now says that one of her favourite pictures from the big day is of her, her husband, his best man and his wife in hospital with their new daughter.

Amanda Vasey, 37, who married her new husband Steven Vasey, 35, a ground worker, on Saturday at the King's Hotel in Darlington, said: "I had just finished getting dressed when Gareth, my husband's best man, ran into the room and told me that Amanda had gone into labour.

Woman gives birth at best friend's wedding
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"At first I didn't believe him because he had been so nervous about his speech that he had joked about spilling water on the floor and saying his wife's waters had broken to get out of doing it.

"But then I saw that he was serious and my mum and bridesmaids ran down to help.

"They had to get huge sheets from the hotel to cover up the car because there was such a commotion and everyone was staring at her.

"But luckily there were no complications and the baby was brought into the world safely."

New mother Amanda, who is a care assistant from Darlington and her daughter, who weighed 7lb 9oz, missed the ceremony as they were rushed to hospital.

Amanda's husband Gareth, 28, a bricklayer, and the couple's son Alfie, one, went with them.

Bride Amanda, who is a support worker, said: "Amanda is one of my best friends and I desperately wanted her to be part of my wedding, but when she found out she was pregnant she refused to be a bridesmaid.

"She had already tried on the bridesmaid's dress and everything but thought she would ruin the photos if she was too far on.

"I told her not to be silly but she insisted.

"It's funny actually because she totally shied away from the wedding because she was pregnant, she didn't want to be in the pictures and she didn't come to the hen do, but in the end it all ended up being about her."

The new mum apologised profusely to her friend and cried when the bride made a special trip to visit her in hospital after the ceremony,.

Amanda said: "She kept saying sorry she had ruined the day and all that but she hadn't ruined it, it's a special blessing that the baby was born on the day Steven and I got married, now we'll always remember her birthday too.

"When we went to see her in the hospital we both cried, it was a really emotional day for me because I was marrying the love of my life, but also our best friends were welcoming a little baby into the world."

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