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Korean Stars’ Wedding Guest Makeup

The first star who got married on this day was actor Oh Ji Ho. At Shilla Hotel, the star had a cherry blossoming wedding with his beautiful fiancée.

Among all, celebrities’ wedding guest looks attracted attention the most as they all dressed up in trendy outfits and blossoming makeups. If you haven't decided on a makeup style that you will wear to your friend's wedding, read some of celebs' lovely wedding guest makeup tips that are written below.

Brown Eye Makeup

Photo by wedding dresses perth

Actresses such as Min Hyo Rin, Kim Nam Joo and Oh Yoon Ah love eye makeup that highlights their eye lines, but doesn't look so heavy. When you look at their photos, it is noticeable that they all put on brown eye makeup.

01. One color shadow from STYLENANDA’s cosmetic brand 3 CONCEPT EYES is well known for its silky texture. ‘Get Lucky’ is an orange bronze color that has very intense color formation.

02. The highlight of wedding guest makeup is 'clear eye line.' With brown gel eyeliner, complete alluring and profound eye lines.

03. Eyelashes are very important in creating doll-like eye lines. 3 CONCEPT EYES’ ‘I’m Good Mascara’ controls smudginess around eye area and creates dramatic curls on eyelashes.

Highlighter & Blusher

Glowing skin texture and pinkish cheek accentuate alluring eye makeup. Highlighter and blusher not only upgrade the entire makeup, but also create lovely and feminine mood, which is essential in wedding guest makeup.

01. This multi highlighter can be applied on any part you wish. The highlighter looks so natural that it creates soft yet vivid facial contour.

02. This moisturizing blusher creates lively and glowing cheek.

03. This pink beam highlighter exudes soft pink glow when applied on T and C zones.

04. This peach beige highlighter is a new type of highlighter that baked radiance boosting mineral. It has very fine finish on facial contour.

Coral & Pink Lip Makeup

For a wedding guest makeup, red and burgundy lipsticks should be put back in drawer. With lovely coral and fresh pink colors, you can simply finish up a ‘moderate yet beautiful’ wedding guest makeup. Coral especially creates warm and cozy mood so it perfectly suits spring wedding guest makeup.

01. The lipstick melts as soon as it touches lips. The extremely moisturizing texture expresses fully colored and glowing lip makeup.

02. There is shea butter ingredient that keeps dry lips moisturized.

03. This bright pink lipstick attracts attention of others as it creates lovely lip makeup.

04. This is a paint lip gloss that has texture of melted lipstick.

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